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About us


About us - Welcome to fuga

Welcome to fuga

This is a Studio, based in Italy in a family nursery of tropical and succulent plants, where we create handmade products with individual prints inspired by the plants.
We are presenting the interior design and decorative solutions using unique designed textiles. Popular and most recent trends in decoration suggest a very wide use of it, for example, for the decoration of walls, tables, beds, etc. Printed textiles help to create a unique image for each house, apartment, room.
We are very happy to present you our Botanic Textiles made of natural fabrics, mainly hemp, linen and cotton. We hand-printed the fabrics with real plants, recovering an old botanic technic, to create unique pieces of design.
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Our founder

The founder of fuga - Helena Medrano

Helena Medrano, the founder of fuga, is very glad to welcome everyone to get familiar with our brand.
Helena was creating this project with all her passion and she is happy to present the Botanical Printed Fabrics.
Fuga is different because we work directly from the real plant, we are reinventing an old Botanical technique.

Our mission
Our mission is to bring comfort to your home and to become closer to nature with the help of plant-based decor.
Our values
Our goal is your satisfaction, to achieve this we operate with care, accuracy, reliability and concreteness, aiming straight at the target. We value top quality products and will ensure you have an amazing experience with our fabrics.


Meet Our Team

At fuga we believe that our staff is the heart of our business. We are a friendly, responsible and enthusiastic company, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide a high level of customer service because of this!

Meet our team. Olga is our Digital Marketing Assistant.

Olga, as a Digital Marketing Assistant, is managing the work at fuga with all related tasks. Being part of our team means a lot to her: «I am proud to be a part of fuga project and I am happy to help in developing the company’s goal, as I truly appreciate the values and idea of bringing the nature to your home», - says Olga.